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Sundstrom Hill Has It!

Last night we played our first booked gig. We were nervous but the venue was small and out of town, which provided a bit of a buffer. Pleasantly surprised, we arrived to set up in the barrel room, with vats of grapes ready for the crusher. There were little white lights strung across the barrels and tables for two were set up in a semi-circle around us. Candles were centered on each table and we threw a couple business cards out there for good measure, along with a variety of shakers and noise-makers should anyone wish to partake.


One of the first to arrive grabbed a vase off a shelf and put it smack dab in the middle of the room. "Gotta have a tip jar" he said and plopped the first $5 in there before we even strummed our first chord! I believe he said something about people singing better with motivation. We definitely felt motivated and began at 5:00 with 3 guests and a delicious glass of Zinfandel in hand. Having begun our musical career in wineries, it just doesn't seem right without it. I imagine that's how we'll end it too...when our voices are too old and croaky to do anything but blow through our Kazoos, we'll pop a bottle of Tannat at the Toasted Toad and end as we began!


As more and more people arrived, I could tell this was a tight-knit and loving community. Davis has only two wineries, and I don't know about the other one, but Sundstrom Hill has a heart for their patrons and visa versa. We saw BIG LOVE....and that always makes us smile. Hurting hearts were soothed, egos were boosted, and support was doled out in heaping hug-fulls. Guests sang along, and played along (there was someone on castanets with great rhythm by the way)!


When all was said and done we were asked to come back AND invited out to one of the guests home for dinner! We had some delicious pizza, and watermelon that was off the hook (lime, mint, and a little feta!). It was a fabulous way to kick start our musical careers at the age of 50+ and we greatly appreciated the opportunity to sing and the warm welcome we received. Thanks for being a great audience Sundstrom Hill!!!!  Can't wait to see you again :)

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